Grant Funding Search

We will work with your organization to search for grant funding opportunities appropriate for your proposal and for which your organization would qualify. Funders may include federal, state, county or city programs, private foundations, and corporate giving programs. It takes time to acquire funder and sponsor support that shares your mission. Let us help you find the organizations that have long-term potential for your funding needs.

Grant Proposal

We can develop the grant proposal for you in its entirety. A grant proposal is typically a combination of our writing and your input and information. All documents will be presented ready for submission in electronic and/or hard copy format.


We can help your organization with reports required by the grant funder. Many grant funders require progress and final reports from the organizations they fund. We can also help your organization with annual reports, newsletter articles, program brochures, and annual appeal letters.

Project Development & Evaluation

We can work with you to develop project ideas and evaluation of your project. We can assist your organization with project development within the scope of your mission that will suit your organization’s capacity, address its needs, and help achieve its goals.

Program evaluation is an essential tool your organization can use to ensure that the programs you are currently running are serving the mission of your organization and are achieving maximized results. Program evaluation can alert you to trouble areas before they become unmanageable. It can also assist you in determining how best to allocate resources.

Organizational and Board Development

We can assist your organization and board with staff development and training (including board member responsibilities and strategic planning), organizational leadership, and building community partnerships.

PANO’s Standards for Excellence Program

Brian is a certified consultant for the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations and can assist nonprofits through the Standards for Excellence program, empowering organizations to meet the highest standards of nonprofit governance, management and operations.